Thursday, January 26, 2012

STILL IN STYLE – Trends we Adore

     Hello my Beautiful Fashion Followers,
There are a lot of trends out right now that are absolutely darling. And since the fashion world is constantly changing – you can think you are buying something that is ‘in’ little did you know it was totally ‘out’ a week ago.Good thing some trends stick around longer than others and we can have more time to enjoy them. In this post I wanted to address those trends that are still going strong, so we can all wipe our foreheads and say “PHEEEWWW because I was not ready to throw that out!” 

-Anything Leopard Print
                I think Leopard print is timeless and should never go out of style. If I remember correctly Leopard started coming back into fashion about two years ago. And every year since, there is more and more things leopard to choose from. Leopard is now going on its third strong year of being a top trend – so we don’t have to worry about this print leaving us anytime soon. Yay!

-Mesh Fabric
                Mesh is one of those things that you either love it or hate it. I remember about a year ago mesh started to show up on the fashion scene on black dresses with black mesh sleeves. I thought, “Oh my god I better hurry up and buy this trend before the stores stop carrying it.” Luckily, mesh has taken off as a top trend and you can find mesh in everything, not just dress sleeves. The new thing is mesh skirts. Instead of a ‘cut-out’ they replace that see through spot with the mesh fabric.
I don’t think mesh is going to last as long as Leopard though, I see retirement soon, so if you love this trend keep wearing your mesh items to really get use out of them!

-Body Con Dresses
            One of my favorite trends of ALL TIME is the body contour fabric dresses. I seriously hope this fashion-trend NEVER goes away because it is God’s gift to unsightly lumps. Finally, a dress specifically made to look better on heavier girls, than on those stick skinny model bodies. The body con dress celebrates curvy bodies and it is designed to fit just right; to accentuate what you what, and hide what you don’t.

Francia Raisa
Khloe and Kim - Goddesses
The longer girls keep rocking this style and refuse to throw them in the back of their closets, designers will also continue to find new styles to keep incorporating this wonderful fabric. 
Keep the body con alive ladies!

-Color block
            Color blocking was made popular in the 80’s, and I am sure my sisters could tell you how much they LOVED this style back then, and how much they love that it’s back again now!
This is a hard trend to pull off if you are not famous, because it could come off as looking too gaudy or not matching at all. In order to avoid this, find a shirt or dress already with the color block style on it, and you can dress up the rest of your outfit according to the colors already given to you. Color blocking is a fun trend because we finally can mix and match weird colors and oddly enough make it look good. I don’t really know how much longer this trend will last but I think we will definitely still be seeing it in 2012 Summer collections. 


Long post, but sometimes in-depth articles are needed. I hope this has helped some people out.

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping xoxo

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  1. i also have seen a lot of lace lately