Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrity Outfit of the Day for Le$$ - Mash Up!

Hello Fashion Followers,
Happy Monday Morning, What a good start to my week so far. A brand-spanking new post! In this post i've mixed up two-in-one. The celebrity style for LE$$ and outfit of the day. It goes like this; I show a celeb outfit, and instead of showing you pieces of clothing where to buy each piece, I'll be wearing the similar outfit already, to show you how you can achieve a similar look!

Keep in mind that I know my outfit doesn't match 100%, but I do that purposely. If there is something that I love about a celeb outfit, I always like to put my own twist into it. And remember: It's not about looking exactly the same, it's about having a similar sophisticated celebrity style. Who says us poor folk can't look like a million bucks!? lol :-) 
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The one difference I wanted to change was the darker jean. Since I was going to a fancy restaurant that night, I think darker jeans are really classy looking, and very slimming. Since my scarf has darker shades of brown and black, I opted for a black undershirt and tall black boots to play off the scarf. Beyonce's overall outfit can be worn more as day-wear. With a see-through scarf, and simple white tee, and playful brown boots. 
I also thought my big hoop earrings made the whole outfit. The gold tone looks great next to the red blazer and picks up on the light brown tones in the scarf as well. 

The two important pieces to achieve this look:
1. Red Blazer
2. The leopard Scarf 


A Closer Look:

Where to Buy:
 1. Red Blazer - Mandee's                                        39.99
 2. Leopard Scarf - Wet Seal                                11.99
 3. Black T-shirt - Forever21                                  2.80
 4. Skinny Jeans - American Eagle                    37.80
 5. Leather and Suede boot - Stradivarius     79.95 Euro 
 6. Gold Earrings - Claire's                                     5.99

Thanks for Checking in, Hope you all liked the post today! 
Until next time, ~Happy Shopping


  1. Love love love lady!!!!!!!!!! I want a red blazer soooo bad now:D

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