Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Fix Advertisement Project

Hey Fashion Followers, 

Lately I have been caught up in editing pictures and adding 'Anna's Fashion Fix' logo to see what it might look like if I actually had professional advertisements. I have to say it is extremely fun, and before I know it, I have 20 different editions of one picture. Then, I can't choose which one is my favorite because I just love them all. They each have their own individual flare. So far I have four different pictures, with like twenty versions of each of the four.  Obsessed much? From a positive perspective, I am not completely wasting my time. I am getting a degree in advertising - so let's just say I am further practicing my craft. :-)

Anyway, I thought I would share them all here - to see what you all think - I would love to hear your opinions and feedback!
Katy Perry for A.F.F - 

Mary-Kate Olsen for A.F.F

NERVO for A.F.F -  (My Favorite Ads)

Also coming up this week in updates are:
  • Fashion Trend Forecast
  • Still in Style
  • How to dress up a simple item of clothing
  • Winter scarf trends 
  • Friday F.usic

Lots of new and fun updates to look forward too - so stay posted! 
Until next time, ~Happy Shopping loveys!

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