Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fusic

   Hello My Lovely Fashion Followers,

The usual club tracks have been switched this week to a more indie artist flavor.

Even though club music is definitely my go-to type of music because it gets me pumped and excited, once in a while I come across these really nice soulful songs that just take me to another world. Music is such an important part of my life, actually. Different songs even give me inspiration for new outfit ideas! I hope you all enjoy this week’s F.usic tracks as much as I do!

If you were expecting dance tracks, don't you worry. I also have stacked up on new electronic/house downloads that are sooo addicting. I can't wait to put those up. I tried hard to fight the urge to just put them up today, but I had to switch it up a little. 

1. Nicholas Jaar ft. Scout Larue - With just one glance 

2. Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody that I used to know

3. Jamie Woon - Night air (kind of Clubby) 

Until next time, Happy Friday Everyone!
-Anna xx

 If you are new to my blog – ‘F.USIC’ is my combination of Fashionable-Music. I always thought fashion and music went hand in hand. Maybe because they both need a certain artistic flare…I try to have all the tracks I post be very edgy, and cool; something you can listen to to get you pumped for a party, relax on the beach with your cocktail, or whatever else the occasion may be.  I try not to put anything mainstream. I like celebrating the lesser known artists and underground tracks.  And I will try my very best to keep it that way. :-) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

STILL IN STYLE – Trends we Adore

     Hello my Beautiful Fashion Followers,
There are a lot of trends out right now that are absolutely darling. And since the fashion world is constantly changing – you can think you are buying something that is ‘in’ little did you know it was totally ‘out’ a week ago.Good thing some trends stick around longer than others and we can have more time to enjoy them. In this post I wanted to address those trends that are still going strong, so we can all wipe our foreheads and say “PHEEEWWW because I was not ready to throw that out!” 

-Anything Leopard Print
                I think Leopard print is timeless and should never go out of style. If I remember correctly Leopard started coming back into fashion about two years ago. And every year since, there is more and more things leopard to choose from. Leopard is now going on its third strong year of being a top trend – so we don’t have to worry about this print leaving us anytime soon. Yay!

-Mesh Fabric
                Mesh is one of those things that you either love it or hate it. I remember about a year ago mesh started to show up on the fashion scene on black dresses with black mesh sleeves. I thought, “Oh my god I better hurry up and buy this trend before the stores stop carrying it.” Luckily, mesh has taken off as a top trend and you can find mesh in everything, not just dress sleeves. The new thing is mesh skirts. Instead of a ‘cut-out’ they replace that see through spot with the mesh fabric.
I don’t think mesh is going to last as long as Leopard though, I see retirement soon, so if you love this trend keep wearing your mesh items to really get use out of them!

-Body Con Dresses
            One of my favorite trends of ALL TIME is the body contour fabric dresses. I seriously hope this fashion-trend NEVER goes away because it is God’s gift to unsightly lumps. Finally, a dress specifically made to look better on heavier girls, than on those stick skinny model bodies. The body con dress celebrates curvy bodies and it is designed to fit just right; to accentuate what you what, and hide what you don’t.

Francia Raisa
Khloe and Kim - Goddesses
The longer girls keep rocking this style and refuse to throw them in the back of their closets, designers will also continue to find new styles to keep incorporating this wonderful fabric. 
Keep the body con alive ladies!

-Color block
            Color blocking was made popular in the 80’s, and I am sure my sisters could tell you how much they LOVED this style back then, and how much they love that it’s back again now!
This is a hard trend to pull off if you are not famous, because it could come off as looking too gaudy or not matching at all. In order to avoid this, find a shirt or dress already with the color block style on it, and you can dress up the rest of your outfit according to the colors already given to you. Color blocking is a fun trend because we finally can mix and match weird colors and oddly enough make it look good. I don’t really know how much longer this trend will last but I think we will definitely still be seeing it in 2012 Summer collections. 


Long post, but sometimes in-depth articles are needed. I hope this has helped some people out.

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping xoxo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TREND ALERT - Galaxy Print

Hello Fashion Followers,

Galaxy Print has started taking the fashion world by storm. First we saw it as legging prints, but now fashion designers have taken the Galaxy Print to a whole new level.

The galaxy trend goes well with the grunge, rocker look. I have seen a lot of models wear doc martins with their dress or leggings, along with a leather coat or oversized ripped shirt. If you think this is the style for you, now is the time to go and buy because this trend is really in right now. 


I could maybe see myself wearing a galaxy print dress or leggings. It’s a hard trend to get used to, but if it sticks around long enough it will probably catch on more. What do you all think? Would you wear anything from the Galaxy Print family?

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping 
UPDATE: March 20th, 2012


Accessory Close-up: SCARVES

To the luckier Fashion Followers that live in nice weather, this post will not apply to you guys. However, for New Yorkers/northeast coasters - January and February are the coldest months of winter. And while the spring trends are starting to creep out, people on the East Coast are still looking for warm clothes to stay bundled up.

I had a request by a follower who lives in New York that wanted to see what cute scarves are in fashion this winter. It might be a little late to be posting this, but since there are still very cold days to come – I thought it would still be a useful post to those who won’t be feeling spring weather anytime soon.

I searched affordable cute scarves and found that Forever21 has a vast assortment that you can choose from. Out of the bunch I found, I picked out different colors and prints to show their variety and tried to appeal to everyone’s tastes. 

Click for Larger Image

The prices of each scarf range from about $9.80 - $16.80 
What do you all think? Would you rock any of these scarves?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Fix Advertisement Project

Hey Fashion Followers, 

Lately I have been caught up in editing pictures and adding 'Anna's Fashion Fix' logo to see what it might look like if I actually had professional advertisements. I have to say it is extremely fun, and before I know it, I have 20 different editions of one picture. Then, I can't choose which one is my favorite because I just love them all. They each have their own individual flare. So far I have four different pictures, with like twenty versions of each of the four.  Obsessed much? From a positive perspective, I am not completely wasting my time. I am getting a degree in advertising - so let's just say I am further practicing my craft. :-)

Anyway, I thought I would share them all here - to see what you all think - I would love to hear your opinions and feedback!
Katy Perry for A.F.F - 

Mary-Kate Olsen for A.F.F

NERVO for A.F.F -  (My Favorite Ads)

Also coming up this week in updates are:
  • Fashion Trend Forecast
  • Still in Style
  • How to dress up a simple item of clothing
  • Winter scarf trends 
  • Friday F.usic

Lots of new and fun updates to look forward too - so stay posted! 
Until next time, ~Happy Shopping loveys!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrity Outfit of the Day for Le$$ - Mash Up!

Hello Fashion Followers,
Happy Monday Morning, What a good start to my week so far. A brand-spanking new post! In this post i've mixed up two-in-one. The celebrity style for LE$$ and outfit of the day. It goes like this; I show a celeb outfit, and instead of showing you pieces of clothing where to buy each piece, I'll be wearing the similar outfit already, to show you how you can achieve a similar look!

Keep in mind that I know my outfit doesn't match 100%, but I do that purposely. If there is something that I love about a celeb outfit, I always like to put my own twist into it. And remember: It's not about looking exactly the same, it's about having a similar sophisticated celebrity style. Who says us poor folk can't look like a million bucks!? lol :-) 
Click for Larger Image
The one difference I wanted to change was the darker jean. Since I was going to a fancy restaurant that night, I think darker jeans are really classy looking, and very slimming. Since my scarf has darker shades of brown and black, I opted for a black undershirt and tall black boots to play off the scarf. Beyonce's overall outfit can be worn more as day-wear. With a see-through scarf, and simple white tee, and playful brown boots. 
I also thought my big hoop earrings made the whole outfit. The gold tone looks great next to the red blazer and picks up on the light brown tones in the scarf as well. 

The two important pieces to achieve this look:
1. Red Blazer
2. The leopard Scarf 


A Closer Look:

Where to Buy:
 1. Red Blazer - Mandee's                                        39.99
 2. Leopard Scarf - Wet Seal                                11.99
 3. Black T-shirt - Forever21                                  2.80
 4. Skinny Jeans - American Eagle                    37.80
 5. Leather and Suede boot - Stradivarius     79.95 Euro 
 6. Gold Earrings - Claire's                                     5.99

Thanks for Checking in, Hope you all liked the post today! 
Until next time, ~Happy Shopping

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to 2011.

Hello Fashion Followers, 
I know what a bad person I have been with not keeping up with my blog. But I have a completely logical reason for why I haven't updated in so long. First, there was the chaos I'd like to call 'Finals Week.' It was a really hard semester so I really had to give 110% to that. Then, of course I had to pack to go home to NY for Christmas for a very short 3-week visit. I am usually there for 2 months, so I would've had plenty of time to update...Being that it was short and sweet, i spent most of my time away from the computer, and with family and friends. 

I am happy that 2011 has come and gone. I think it was a weird year. Nothing really spectacular happened, except the creation of this blog, of course. :-) I am hopeful for great things to come this year. I'm Graduating in June, and I am moving back to New York for good. And once I move back I hope to start a new health regime to workout my body and mind. Eating clean, fitness and dancing, and having time to work on my spirituality. I know that sounds funny, but there is nothing better than having a clear, peaceful mind to give you the motivation to enjoy the moments of every-day life. 

Lastly, I hope 2012 will bring more fashion updates and exciting new trends! 
See you all in the next post, and Happy New Year!