Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How I worked it!

I guess I have some explaining to do for not updating in like, forever! I have been super busy the last 2 months with studying and writing school papers, and packing suitcases to come home to NY that I just could not devote the right time to my blog! Soooo, without further a due, I'm back and really excited to talk about something I love a little too much. CLOTHES! YAY

The 'how i worked it' section will just be showing how i took something i loved, and how i fixed it up to make the final fabulous product.

This is my style inspiration. It is a pleated v-neck dress from Forever 21 - $19.80
It's super comfortable and such a beautiful summer color for glowing tan skin! 

I dressed it up even more with a very simple gold chain with crystals going all around it, along with gold dangle earrings with light creme feathers. Since the necklace was very dainty and light it worked with the big earrings. If a necklace is too bulky with lots of detail avoid dramatic dangle earrings because it can make any outfit look too tacky. (Necklace and Earrings from: Charlotte Russe)

Light beige works beautifully to match the light coral dress. So, I took advantage of my patent leather pumps from chinese laundry and a small beige patent leather handbag from ZARA. 

Not shown very well is my gold and crystal ring from QVC - kirks folly...I think.

Hope this update was helpful! Until next time - Happy Shopping!