Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Accessory Close-up: SCARVES

To the luckier Fashion Followers that live in nice weather, this post will not apply to you guys. However, for New Yorkers/northeast coasters - January and February are the coldest months of winter. And while the spring trends are starting to creep out, people on the East Coast are still looking for warm clothes to stay bundled up.

I had a request by a follower who lives in New York that wanted to see what cute scarves are in fashion this winter. It might be a little late to be posting this, but since there are still very cold days to come – I thought it would still be a useful post to those who won’t be feeling spring weather anytime soon.

I searched affordable cute scarves and found that Forever21 has a vast assortment that you can choose from. Out of the bunch I found, I picked out different colors and prints to show their variety and tried to appeal to everyone’s tastes. 

Click for Larger Image

The prices of each scarf range from about $9.80 - $16.80 
What do you all think? Would you rock any of these scarves?

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