Thursday, January 10, 2013

...And She Swiftly Kills in that 'Break-Up Dress'

Hello Fashion Followers,

I know I haven't updated in soOO000ooooo long, and I have been meaning to put up a 'TEMPORARILY DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE' message....but in lieu of recent breaking news reports that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles from the boy band, One Direction have broken up - I NEEDED to post this! 

Tonight was the 2013 People's Choice Awards in which Swift attended, while just three days ago news spread like wildfire that HAYLOR have broken up again. Inside sources close to the ex-couple claim things got pretty ugly between the two and their romantic island vacation came to a crashing halt. 

That brings me to WHY posting this was so important. Little ol' Swifty is a smart cookie in post-break-up mode, as she took 100% media advantage to show off her AMAZING deep-v white dress for the event. Maybe she already had this dressed picked out way before the break-up, maybe it was a last minute change as she is now single and is able to show it all off. Whoooo knows...who cares! Even if I am such a big fan of Harry, I mean boarder-lining obsessive over him, I still think Taylor stuck it to him good tonight. I hope Harry's jaw dropped to the floor with the sight of her. Her make-up was sultry and sexy, the white of the dress made her look so angelic, yet the plunging neck-line showed off a devious, 'i'm not so innocent' look.

A planned 'F-U' message to Harry or not, I think it definitely was a smart move to come to the awards post break up like that. I admire women that bounce back looking hotter and stronger than when they were in the relationship. Sing it with me one direction:
"I was so stupid for letting you go
But I-I-I know you’re still the one
You might have moved on
But girl, you should know
That I-I-I know you’re still the one"

Ok, that is all for now. Goodnight world. 
Until Next Time, ~Happy Shopping
 (OH, and HAPPY 2013 Y'ALL. Cheers for a great year!)