Saturday, December 3, 2011

Celebrity Style for Le$$!

Hello Fashion Followers,

It's that time again for a Celeb Style for less! My absolute fav post! These posts are actually harder than they seem, but I think I managed with what I had to work with as best as I could. I am pretty happy with the outcome! 
What do you all think? I have another cute outfit by Rihanna I will post soon! 

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1. Charlotte Russe: Grey cowl-neck sweater -              $20.99
2. Celeb Boutique: Zig-Zag printed leggings -            $64.00
3. Zara: Leather pointed toe heels -                            $67.50
4. Forever 21: Feather drop earrings -                          $5.80
5. Zara: *Leather Chelsea boot* -                            $106.00

**I put an alternative shoe for the outfit because you can really change up this look with many ways and still have it look really good. But for the sake of the post we have to mimic the style shown. However I think a leather chelsea boot would look really good here, or even a colored heel to give a POP of color. 

Since the sweater is really low-cut you can also wear an exaggerated long necklace. If you decided to do this, you take away the dangle earrings because you don't want too much jewelry it will start to look gaudy. That might also take away from the leggings, which is the conversation/accessory piece of the entire outfit. 

With that, I hope you guys are having a fun Saturday night for me, since i'm home trying to get something done, but not accomplishing much. 

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping!

OH! And we finally have reached the month of December, this is a very exciting time for family and love! I'll be home for Christmas in about 2 weeks, and it couldn't come soon enough!