Monday, November 28, 2011

Channeling Dorothy Parker

- A Style Showcase [in-depth] 
This is the follow-up post to the previous one below. I decided to split it up into two separate posts because my new hat deserved a style showcase close-up. It's a one-of-a-kind piece to me. 

In past posts I have talked about that 'diamond in the rough'. It's how I like to explain finding a unique accessory or piece of clothing that doesn't really match or fit any other trend that is out at that time. I think it's a fashion forecasting technique that buyer's do to test the waters. Maybe they don't think that trend will necessarily be a hit, so they will put out one random piece and depending on how that item sells they can feel secure enough to bring it out in full-force for the next season. I could be completely wrong about this, since I have never studied fashion forecasting in a professional setting, but I would imagine that it's a good tactic to see if trends will be a 'hit' or a 'miss.' 

We've seen this fall a LOT of 70's boho chic, 80's colorblock, and 90's denim grunge. These are the dominant trends - give or take a few new kinks and re-workings of past styles. 

But has there been a dominance of 20's fashion? I think it's safe to say that throwing 20's style into the mix of fall trends is a little random and risky. Yet some gutsy fashion buyer saw the 20's potential and decided to put THE CLOCHE back onto the market! 

The Cloche was the staple hat accessory for women in the 20's who were sporting that infamous and  rebellious 'bob' hair-cut! 

Here is a cartoon portrait of the female poet and prose writer, Dorothy Parker: 
Dorothy is wearing the signature cloche hat. 

If you are interested, I would definitely recommend reading some of her stuff. She was a bad-ass of her time, the Carrie Bradshaw of the 1920's. She was an outspoken and independent women with the occasional relationship issues every modern woman seems to be facing today! She is a timeless author so her stories relate to our present day troubles as well. Being able to stay relevant is the key to success, I believe.  

Fast-forward, 2011. Window shopping one weekend I found a cloche hat in the middle of chaos. It was calling out to me, it looked so lonely. I had to buy it, especially because all the other girls were too busy buying faux fur vests, I wanted to make the difference. It was one of the best purchases I have made in a long time! Love at first sight! 

Courtesy of: Tally Weijl 

I always tell myself my next post will be short, no more explaining, but it seems I can't help myself. 
Well,sometimes we need the background story to understand the significance of a certain fashion trend.
Did you like the historical aspect to this post, or was it too boring? I thought it would be nice to fuse my three favorite things into one post - history - literature and fashion!  

***Scroll down to previous post to see part.1 of today's updates!***
It has been fun, but now I'm sleepy. Beauty-rest is in order and then tomorrow a 'Celeb Style 4 Le$$' post! 
:-) WOOO I'm excited!!! 

Houndstooth: Gaga Approved


It's quite late, but the usual ol' me loves to wait to the last minute to do things. I think my work comes out best that way. The pressure of time really makes you race the clock and see how far you can push yourself. It's a terrible habit, but I don't see that trait changing anytime soon. Maybe that will be a new year's resolution. ANYway, to the important stuff:  it's an OUTFIT OF THE DAY POST!
Annnnd if i'm feeling really blog happy I might push myself to finish a 'Celeb style for less' post. If not, then you know what to look forward to next update! I already got the celeb outfit picked out and ready to find bargains to match it.  

On Friday, I went out to a lovely dinner to my favorite Italian restaurant here in Athens, and I finally wore my new houndstooth trousers with my favorite platform stilettos, yum! 

It just so happens that while looking through the latest fashion news today I came across a paparazzi photo of Gaga FULLY decked out in houndstooth print. I got these trousers months ago and I just saw this picture today. Sometimes my fashion intuition really gets the best of me. 
Once I saw that I thought, "If Gaga's wearing it, I must be doing something right!" 


Click for larger/detailed image

                            Close-up detail of pattern:

                  Lady Gaga: 


Not my best pictures this time around, but they will have to do. I got to remember it's about the outfits here, not the looks. I have some more pictures of Friday night with my jacket and hat on....but that deserves a separate post altogether because my hat is something very unique and special to me. I am very excited to have found it! I'll talk all about it in the follow-up post! 

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping

1. Earrings - vintage
2. Blue off-the-shoulder shirt - Alloy
3. Black skinny belt - H&M
4. Houndstooth trouser pant - H&M
5. Platform stiletto heels - Charlotte Russe 
6. Grey military trench coat - H&M 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Versace for H&M

Hello Fashion Followers,                              
This update is going to be a review of the brand merge that happened last week between Versace and H&M! For a limited time only - Versace is putting out amazing pieces for prices anyone can afford. However, the prices are very high end for a store like H&M. But, if you love fashion and always wanted something with a high-end brand name, you could get one of Versace's unique pieces from the H&M November collection, without having to be behind in credit card payments for nine months! 

I think designers should do collaborations like this more often. Since they have the ability to sell their things cheaper, and they definitely know their pieces are going to sell. I think even after this Fashion Show that took place about a week and a half ago, things are already selling out fast. I would love to invest on an item, since it is a once and lifetime chance. 

Here are some pictures I found of the event that I liked the best!

The red suit for guy's is probably my FAVORITE! If I saw a guy wearing that, I salute him, because he knows what's up! It reminds me of something Scott D. would wear. (Kourtney Kardashian's man)
He might be a weirdo, but you can't deny that man has got style like I've never seen before! 

I guess when you look at the runway show it's hard to picture what the clothes would look like on a normal body type, but I browsed the website to see the individual pieces that I loved and here's:

***Click on any dress to make the image bigger***

Honestly, I would take all of these dresses. Each one could be worn at different occasions. 
1. Black - club
2. Pink - daytime 
3. Purple - wedding, event, dinner
4. Red - wedding, party, gala, award show 

The list is endless! I think I love the purple though. It's different and very classy. 
And that color is beautiful. Put on some gold crystal platform heels (Like the pair posted in my 'oh my god shoes' post) and you are ready to rule the world with your fabulous outfit! I also have to mention there was the Versace leather coat with the Greek key design going around the bottom hem in gold jewels. That piece is just...I don't have words but I knew that is something I really couldn't afford. I think it was around $300.00? Yeah, so when I get a job we will talk. :-D

Hope you liked the review today. What do you think about Versace's limited time pieces at H&M??? 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

-Coming soon to Anna's Closet-

Hello Fashion Lovers, 
This post is going to be short and sweet. You know school comes mighty early! 

I bought new shoes today. They haven't arrived yet but they are en-route!
Steve Madden is the man, and did I mention these bad larrys had a fabulous sale price of 50% off?

How could I refuse? I couldn't, so...I got them. lol
These are not just any shoes, these are....BLUE SUEDE SHOES. 

Does that mean when I walk into a room I will have Elvis playing from my cell as my theme song for my entrance? I think soOoOoooO! 

Track NEEDS to played along with this pic. to show the full potential.

THE MUSIC STARTS AT :12 sec. - Enjoy :-) 

Yeah, that just happened. lol
Until next time, ~HAPPY SHOPPING

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday F.uSic

It's that time again, a showcase of the best tracks out there to get you pumpin' for your Friday night! 

It really is amazing how a song can make you feel. I put club music on to give me just enough confidence and energy to get me ready for a crazy night of dancing and fun! 

Hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I do! 


"Don't ask me why I smoke - I don't know. But I drink to get drunk"

"Hallelujah, I love you."
This song is absolutely enchanting and beautiful

When you find great songs, you can just feel the music through your entire body...Or is that just me? lol
Seriously, music is a drug.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Celebrity Style for Les$!

Hello Fashion Lovers,
I am sooooo excited because I absolutely adore making 'celeb style' posts! 
Since a lot of us take our inspiration from celebrities, it is always essential to know how to find celebrity style, and pay a lot less for it!
I am definitely not able to spend a ton of money on brand names, but it is important to me to stay with the trends of today.
Now here is my style icon, KIM KARDASHIAN. Although I don't particularly like her personality, I have to admit her and her sisters know how to freaking dress!!!

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE outfits that she wore to an event! And, it is totally appropriate this winter because sequin is in! Ms. Kim is very ahead in predicting trends, that is also why she is admirable. 

To see details: Click for larger image
1. Sequin crop - Nasty Gal, Gold sequin blazer - Victoria's Secret......................$ 98.00/158.00 (little pricey)
2. Essential layer tank top - Forever 21....................................................$ 2.80
3. Aztec jewel earrings - Forever 21.......................................................$ 5.80
4. Straight leg trouser/black - ZARA.......................................................$ 47.95
5. Laminated Heel/gold shoe - ZARA........................................................$ 62.00
6. Clutch with tacs - ZARA..................................................................$ 94.00 (could def. do without it lol)

I couldn't specifically find a 'cropped' sequin jacket. But that is fine. It's not about copying 100% but making it look as similar as possible so you look stylish and sophisticated.

I actually like the earrings I have instead of the ones Kim is wearing.
Also, she is not holding any bag, so I just found a simple clutch that I thought would match and complete the 'ready to wear look.'

What do you all think? 
Like it, LOVE IT, or Hate it?


A SIDE NOTE: A lot of fashion blogs that I follow all have amazing outfits, but my complaint is most of them have really expensive things. I sort of lose my way about what I want my blog to portray. When I look at other high fashion blogs I start to think - I want it to be only about the outfits I put together and wear on a daily basis.....But then I realize that this was not the original concept I had in mind when I made my blog. Besides the fact, it would cost me a TON of money, because I would have to shop all the time to keep up with trends in order to make outfit posts.

I really enjoy magazines that give people practical tips and tricks in finding their own style. I think having a blog about fun fashion things is more gratifying. I am not taking anything away from all the other amazing blogs I follow, but I feel some get way too serious, and it gives off a message of snobbishness...Unless, that is the idea they were going for with their blog...Oh well, who knows?

For now, I am staying true to my character and I am going to try hard to continue this blog with a fun outlook into fashion!

Until Next Time, ~HAPPY SHOPPING