About Me

Hi, my name is Anna.
I am a pure fashion addict. Simple as that.
I have been obsessed with clothes since as far back as I can remember.
 I knew that in order for me to be happy I needed to follow my dreams and pursue some sort of
career in the business of fashion.

I was a student at the American College of Greece, in Athens.
I have received my Bachelor's degree in communications/advertising and a minor in English Literature. 
Upon graduating I have moved back to my home state of New York to try and tackle a continuing education in the fashion world. I aspire to work for a fashion magazine, or ideally, as a stylist.

I have made this blog as a way to express my love for this field of work.
It was first started just as something fun, but I hope to take it to a more serious and professional level in the future.

I am not claiming to be an expert, nor have I formally studied fashion, as of yet. But, all the opinions and tips I give have been gathered with years of experience....and after countless times people have encouraged me that I have a true talent and a keen eye for this business. 

My blog is still fairly new, but please feel free to look at my past posts and see what i'm about. 
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I would appreciate that more than anything! It would honestly mean the world to me!!!

Thanks for checking in @www.asfashionfix.blogspot.com
Stayed tuned for lots of updates - your addiction starts here
Love, Anna