Fashion Flashbacks

Here I will post past outfits of mine that I didn't manage to get on my blog on-time. :-/ 

Since it would be inappropriate to incorporate old fashion trends on my actual blog, I can conveniently use my 'fashion flashbacks' page to pay honor and respect to past styles that need a platform to be shown off and remembered. 

xoxo Anna

"Blue Suede Shoes" - New Years Eve 2011/2012
- I talked about getting blue suede shoes in a post before...well here was their debut outing!
- Me and my best friend Nicole color-coordinated our outfits! We are dork likes that! :-)

"Blue Suede Shoes" - New Years Eve 2011/2012
- Closeup of me and the hunny before a new years party in NYC.
- The only jewelry I am wearing are dangle black feather earrings..Didn't want to take any attention away from the SHOES

"Aztec Dreams" - December 2011
Entire Outfit
- You can imagine why I cut my face out of these pictures...Although it was a great style day, not a great face day! lol

"Aztec Dreams" - December 2011
- Another pose of the outfit. This was also going to be a regular 'blog post' but xmas in NY took away my precious time!

"Aztec Dreams" - December 2011
- Closeup of jewelry shot: that cross took me A LOT of work to find. It took 3 forever21 stores to finally pick it up!
- Juicy Couture necklace: Another xmas present by the lovely Mrs. C! So beautiful!

"Aztec Dreams" - December 2011 
- Closeup of these amazing leggings mom got me for XMAS - What a stylish Mom I have! Love you <3
- Those platform black booties. So comfortable and so chic! They seriously go with almost everything!!!

"The Winter Blues" - December 2011
- In contemplation if I actually wanted to wear this out to a club or not. Looking back, this outfit was pretty cute!
- Those cheetah shoes are just soo00o cute that it automatically makes any outfit look better! 

"Birthday Kitten" - October 2011
- This is what I wore for Geroge's 25th Birthday bash!
- I didn't have any body shots, but I was wearing my patent leather nude pumps with this dress!
- I also had a blue suede blazer, with gold and brown studded shoulders and sleeves. I wish I had a picture of that! HOT
- Earrings are peach/gold feather dangles - The perfect final touch!

October 2011
- The coloring was weird on this photo so editing came out a little weird as well.
- Just wanted a close-up of blazer, and the little detail you can see in the leggings. Oh and George's black shirt! 

"Sophisticated Punk" - October 2011
- I totally wanted to post this as a real blog update 'outfit of the day' and it never happened. So it goes here now!
- Before leopard leggings came out (this year) This was the only cotton pair I could find (last year) Even though they look like pajamas, I had a vision! :-)

"B&W Color Splash" - End of Summer 2011/Sept.
This was a really simple look, but there is nothing like finding the perfect fitting dress for a night out!
- I also think my man is dressed quite handsomely as well! lol

"Hippie Chic" - Summer 2011
- Just to explain the picture a bit - I was my island's festival, wine, dirt, and dancing...I was in the moment. lol
- This is the only "full body shot" I have of that night. Just a burnt orange ruffle top, ripped jean shorts, and my favorite summer accessory piece THE GLADIATOR SANDAL! (Don't care if it's 'out of fashion', i will forever wear them!)

"Modern Gladiator" - Summer 2011
Entire outfit
Click picture for larger image

"Modern Gladiator" - Summer 2011
- Close-up view of the geometric romper, black sweater and  tasseled bag

"Modern Gladiator" - Summer 2011
- Ok, so I probably say this for every outfit, but really...THIS way my favorite outfit of the summer! lol

"Beach Bunny" - Summer 2011
- I love mix n' matching bathing suit tops and bottoms!
- That hat was not mine, even though I totally wanted to swipe it! It would so sophisticated with a B&W bathing suit
- PLEASE FORGIVE THE GARBAGE in the background! lol I promise that beach is more beautiful than this pic shows!

"Flower Power Red Romper" - Summer 2011
- Sorry for the hair in my face, I didn't have any other pics that showed the whole outfit! lol
- I am DEFINITELY going to be bringing this baby out for Summer 2012...but this time with a blazer & platform heels!

"Flower Power Red Romper" - Summer 2011
- This Romper was so soft and comfy, it looked like a babydoll dress. Fit to my body type very nicely!
- BACKVIEW, tied a small knot to make it look extra girly!

"Girly/Rock Chick" - Summer 2011
- Close up detail of the tube-top floral body-suit
- I also died a strand of my hair hot pink to make it look it more edgy! :-)
- Those black diamond cross earrings are my favorite!!!!

"Girly/Rock Chick" - Summer 2011
- I definitely couldn't resist wearing my army boots. Whether it looked good or not, I LOVED  this look.

"Trendy Boy" - Summer 2010
- I made George put on my black readers and fedora to see what he'd look like...
Can I just say he looked so hot, and he should continue wearing this style, because it suits him very well!

"Satin, Gold, and Turquoise" - Summer 2010
- Every summer this will be my 'go-to' outfit. Classy and comfortable.
-You can a romper like this with sandals for daywear, and a pair of heels to make it sexy for nightwear. <3

- My favorite black satin romper. Soooo comfortable!

Lakis Gavalas Fashion Show - Spring/Summer 2011
- The lighting was terrible, it made our faces with half shadows so I cut us out.
- I loved my outfit, but I really just wanted to introduce my PATENT LEATHER NUDE PUMPS!!!

"The Velvet Dress: Close up" January 2010
I don't really like wearing necklaces with a one-shoulder dresses, I think the symmetry of it looks awkward.
- I wanted the dress to speak for itself, and I didn't want to take away anything from it with jewelry.

"The Velvet Dress"
- Now that I am looking back, this dress is really pretty but I never wore it again.  Good thing velvet is still in...
- I wouldn't have worn black tights with this dress, but if anyone knows NYC winter nights, I would have froze to death!

Lakis Gavalas Fashion Show - Fall/Winter 2010 (Nov.)
- Please forgive that miserable face I am making, you think I would look more happy to be at a Fashion Show :-/
- And can I also say I love George's little boy freshly shaven look with the skinny tie and converse high-tops. lol

- This was so comfortable and stylish.  I  loved the military style boot with the matching bag.
- The silver studs in the bag and on the hooks of the boots made it easy to match with my silver necklace.
- Sorry for the jacket in the way of the whole outfit :-/ I didn't take many pictures on this night.

At a Friend's Wedding - October 2010
- Again I didn't want to over-do it with accessories so I thought glittery ankle bracelets would look nice and simple.
- This was also the first time I had to really put together menswear and I really loved our matching wedding attire!
-The dress fit my body type perfectly. High-waist with wide-sleeve leopard top, and it was only 25 euro from Zara.

- Close-up Shot of our Wedding Attire
- I freaking LOVED dressing my man up to match me for this wedding. I think  it looked nice, without looking too cliche' 

- I added that belt just because I thought it took the attention away from my  wide hips! lol
-Besides the beautiful bright pink skirt, I absolutely love my vintage clutch. Passed down from  Mom, circa  1980's :-)

Lakis Gavalas Fashion Show - Spring/Summer 2010
- One of my all time favorite outfits. I picked this baby out right before the color block trend  came back in style.

Lakis Gavalas Fashion Show - Fall/Winter 2009
- I was having a bad face day, that's why my face is cut off, naturally...
- I swore I would never wear that shirt again, but I'm thinking I can bring it back, tucked into a  high-waist skirt, yum! 

"Greek Fisherman's Hat and Cat Eyes" Fall 2008
- My grandfather's hat: Can never go 'out of style', it's an accessory piece with history and meaning to me.