Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Trend MEGAPOST - part I

Hello Fashion Followers,
I know a couple of weeks ago I did a fashion forecast post about what I think the spring and summer trends are going to be. This is a follow-up post about what is in the stores RIGHT NOW so if you are out shopping and want some tips about what colors and trends are 'in' then keep reading! :-)
It's going to be a MEGAPOST of all the great styles out this season. In the comments box feel free to tell me your opinions on what trends you like the best! First we will touch on specific STYLES and cuts that are in, then I will show you the dominate COLORS of spring, so if you aren't a fan of some of the styles, you can still get away with being 'in' this spring with the color schemes that are popular.

TIP 1: All of these trends can be mixed and matched! Denim vests and shirts go with leatherette leggings, that is really 'in' this season. OR you will see cold-shoulder dresses with embellishments and printed graphics. If you are lucky to find any such pieces you have got the look! There is nothing better than incorporating multiple trends in just one item or outfit! 

Spring Styles 2012
THE COLD SHOULDER and EMBELLISHED COLLARS                                   
I put two trends under one category because you can mix the two into one look. You can find each trend separately of course, but for the sake of time and space both of these trends may be seen together. 

TIP 2: Embellishing your chiffon or denim collar shirts is a simple and easy D.I.Y project! Most likely your local craft store will have studs and jewels where you can bedazzle your shirts any way your heart desires! It also makes any ordinary shirt a one-of-a-kind item! 
TIP 3: Any button down blouse that can be tied in the middle, which is also a trend this spring! Instead of making a separate post - you can put all three trends together! I couldn't find a picture with a cold-shoulder tie front studded neck collar shirt....(wow, that's a mouthful), but that is where the creativity kicks in and you could imagine how you would decorate this plain white collar! 
Nasty Gal

PEPLUM and square necklines                                                                          
Top Shop U.K

LEATHERETTE and corset/bustier tops                                                                           
Forever 21
Charlotte Russe 

FLORAL Pants and Shoes                                                                                
Nasty Gal

A/SYMMETRICAL Dresses and Skirts                                                            
Nasty Gal 
Top Shop U.K

GRAPHIC PRINTS chains, tropical, aztec and leopard                                  
Top Shop U.K

Nasty Gal

I know what some of you are thinking. What about DENIM? What about STUDS GALORE? What about cut-off FRINGE? Well, these three things I left out on purpose because they are such huge topics they need a completely separate post. So don't worry more trend updates are coming soon.

This spring there are A LOT of different styles to choose from. Luckily for those who absolutely don't like one trend still has so many other options that still look great. This post was a lot longer than I even expected so I am going to split the styles with the colors into two different posts. Colors of Spring will be up next. Also this week we have 'Celeb style for Le$$' and a 'Celeb style showcase'...Maybe a wishlist too, since I haven't done that in over a  year!

Until next time loveys, ~Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you so much Rochelle!!!!! I would wear all these trends too! soo cute!