Friday, May 18, 2012

Showing Some Skin. How much is too much?

[This is an opinion piece - a reflection on some standards in the Fashion world. Please feel free to read if you are interested and tell me your opinions as well in the comments section]

Hello Fashion Followers,
I have been furiously writing school papers and haven't had the time to devote to updates. On a positive note, I am finishing my very last semester as an undergrad in 3 weeks. After the 15th of June, be ready for an update overload! 

I wasn't planning on updating at all this week but I came across something I felt I just needed to talk about. 

One of the very few cool things about being a woman is that our figure and curves are very sexy and we have amazing clothes that can show that off. But then there is always the question of decency. How much skin is too much? One of the trends this year have been the 'slit' dress. I honestly think there is nothing sexier than a slit dress from the floor to the thigh, on one side. The slit has to stop, though at a specific point, or else people might get a view of your 'peek-a-boo.' There is a very fine line between sexy and slutty, and I think its something women should pay attention to. I believe that not showing too much is sexier than having it all hang out. If you want to show your cleavage, with the new push up bra you got, than balance it out with a longer, curve hugging dress to the knee. If you wear a mini dress that shows a little bit of butt cheek AND have your cleavage all hang out, know that this is not attractive. Unless you expect men to treat you like a piece of meat. If you dig that sort of thing than don't question why men don't respect you. Sorry for being a little harsh today...Maybe it is the weather. But sometimes we got to face the truth ladies. It doesn't matter how skinny you are and if you can 'pull it off' or not. It is about sexiness, classiness, and self-respect. Those qualities are truly attractive.

Slightly getting off topic here. But what I really wanted to bring to people's attention is how pathetic it is that the fashion industry still promote sickly skinny models as the face of absolute beauty and chicness. I know a lot of people in this business may have come to accept the fact it's just the way it is, but I will continue to disagree and voice my opinion. Because, while they are being shallow to sell products and getting millions, they are creating false realities and insecurities for women everywhere. Not to mention the deep psychological problems that models face daily with keeping their weight down, like getting into drugs and developing anorexia in order to keep up with these requirements.

Honest opinions now, which celebrity looks better? 

***Side note: I love turquoise/aqua and coral together! What a great color combo for summer***

I will leave you with that thought. I don't think I need to elaborate on this topic any more...
I did not want to make my blog a place where I bash trends and people because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is important to be objective. It is not my intention to be critical of anyone.But, again maybe it is the terrible rainy weather today that has made me angry when I saw that first picture. And the sad part is - f.designers would say the first model looks fantastic!

Forget the obvious for a second - that her pelvis bone is 100% visible and popping out, what about how high the slit on that dress is that you can see she is not even wearing underwear! EW. I am sorry but I don't find these extremely thin models sexy. It worries me. We all have our opinions. I personally look up to women like J.Lo, Kim K and her sisters, Beyonce, and Rihanna, all women who are not thin by any standards but they are all beautiful. Other people may argue and say that they are too fat. Well I think everything in life should be in moderation. That is the best way to go. Finding the middle ground between two extremes is where logic lies. 

Speaking of Jennifer Lopez...I JUST LOVE THIS ENTIRE LOOK! 
Click for larger Image

I am interested in hearing your opinions on today's post. If you liked it or not. If I should just stick with fashion posts and lots of pictures and no talking? If you enjoyed it, maybe I will have opinion updates from time to time. Change it up a little, you know? 

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping


  1. I like to hear more opinions and controversy. I totally agree as a women but i think most men would also agree. So why does the industry continue to promote this look? I think maybe its just easier to design for stick figures and not worry about individual curves.

  2. I didn't notice that model's pelvic bone sticking out until you mentioned it. AHHHHH, that is really scary and unhealthy. I must say, I love hearing what you have to say about your posts! It's like personally knowing the writers for Cosmo magazine, except, I actually value and agree with your posts and opinions! haha.

    P.S. Because I always faught with myself on even having facebook, I finally deleted my facebook (again, and for the 2nd and last time). I then realized I forgot to write down your email address. Of course, I'm going to keep following your blog, but would you mind sending me your email address? Mine is <3 you girlie.