Monday, May 7, 2012

The Marlboro Men

When I see men in denim I think of cowboys. Yum. :-)
Denim is thriving this year. We started to see this trend slowly coming back into play last year. Now, wearing denim seems inescapable. Well, it's obvious why this craze has an extreme popularity...It is because everyone can wear denim. It's not a trend that looks good on some and not on others. Everyone can benefit from having the denim wave back in action. Guys and Girls of all ages and sizes can find some sort of denim button-up, jacket, or vest that can be worn with virtually everything. Another important plus of denim is that it's sooo comfortable. We can't forget denim jeans either. There is a reason why jeans never go out of style. Jean lengths and bottoms will change but the denim fabric is so versatile no wonder everyone loves it. 

This post is dedicated to those trendy men and their denim. I've comprised a couple of pictures of celebs and street styles that encompass the true meaning of "working it" without over-doing it. These guys have managed to pull off the denim shirt and look damn good too! 

Celeb Style                                                                                                       
Kris Allen, Singer

*If anyone is keeping up with season eight's American Idol winner Kris Allen, he is promoting the release of his second studio album entitled, 'Thank you Camilla.' In almost every interview from the press junkets he is wearing some type of denim button-up or jacket. Either he is just a denim kind of guy, and he isn't meaning to be going along with the trend, or he has got one amazing stylist!
Kanye West, Rapper
*Kanye needs no introduction. His style speaks for itself. Maybe other men won't be so willing to expierement with their style like this celebrity, but without a doubt his green pants, open denim button-up, and white keds are fresh to death. It's also a cute coincidence that Kanye's new lady-friend Kim Kardashian is also a style icon and one of my absolute favorite celebrity inspirations! 


David Beckham, Athlete
(click for larger images)
*Davie boy gets two pictures just because he is super hot, super stylish and I couldn't decide which one I liked better. On the left, Beckham is sporting the modern/urban denim look with rolled sleeves, undershirt, and a beanie. On the right he is channeling the 'vintage' look. Either way he wears his denim there are no complaints from me! I wonder if his wife dresses him? :-) Because that is definitely something I would do. 

Street Style                                                                                      

Giorgos Karapetis, Fashion Student 
*I am honored to feature one of my good friends on my blog today. I've been meaning to showcase his style for awhile, and I thought this would be the perfect post to do it. Honestly his fashion sense is unparalleled to others, and I applaud and envy his ability at the same time. You will probably see more of him on this blog because he truly has a talent and great eye for fashion. I also want to wish him the best of luck for his aspiring dream to become a fashion designer one day. He has all my support! Besides Giorgos' awesome denim look, can I just say how cool this picture is with the train tracks behind him? 

George Roussos, My lover Boy :-)
*Ok, so you know when I mentioned above about David Beckham's wife probably dressing him, and that's what I would do.....Well, that IS what I do. lol. As you can see, the security tag and tickets are still on the jacket because he was in a dressing room when I snapped a quick pic without him realizing it. I immediately made him buy it. If he trusts my instincts, then hopefully he will wear it someday. I think he fits right in with celeb style! But that could just be me doting...


I would like to conclude that denim is freaking HOT! For girls, for guys, for everyone! I left it out of my last post because it needs a close-up on its own. I recommend to anyone that likes this trend to go out and buy a good quality denim jacket or button up. But be careful not to over-do it. Some people may be able to pull off denim on denim. A darker color denim with a lighter color on top. I personally do not like that look, and would never try to pull it off. 

As a farewell warning boys and girls, just try to never look like this:

I know...Scary. (Britney's face is freaking gorgeous though!!!)

Until next time followers, ~Happy Shopping


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