Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fusic: The Queen of Clubs

Hello Fashion Followers & Music Luvrs, 

I have been meaning to do a FUSIC post 
strictly dedicated to the Queen of Clubs herself: NADIA ALI!!!

She paved the way for techno house singers everywhere when she introduced the smash hit 'Rapture' in the late 90's with the band iio! Since her departure from the group - she has gone solo, showcasing a sound of her very own on her debut CD, 'Queen of Clubs.' It is quite phenomenal, but the remixes are even HOTTER! I can imagine that it must be a DJ's dream to remix a song for the lovely and seasoned artist, Nadia Ali.

If you have never heard of Nadia Ali, you're going to need to listen to these tracks. Her voice is seriously MAGICAL and EXOTIC. 
I picked a couple of my favorite remixes. Hope you like 'em!  

1. Rapture 2011 Remix by Avicii - A classic beat with a new twist

2. Love Story remix by Sultan and Ned Shepard - I call them Gods in the DJ world.
    Absolutely SICK beat!!!! 

3. Promises - remix by Sebastian Kreig and Roman F: Extended version 
    Another HOT ONE, LOVE IT!

                                  HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE :-)

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