Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My alter ego

Hello Fashion Followers,

Unbelievably I am back. My last semester as a college undergrad has begun, and oddly enough this is the time I prefer to update. When I get back into this habit of using the computer and getting things accomplished on a daily "to-do" list. Nothing too exciting with me on the fashion front but I thought it would be fun to show my costume for the Venetian Carnavalli last weekend. I guess you can say it has to do with fashion, since I ran around looking for my own clothes to match my characters' costume. 

The only things that were missing were beige shorts and the backpack. I could have SWORN I had a pair in one of the many suitcases I have around Athens, but unfortuneately, time was running out and I had to ask a girlfriend to borrow her shorts. I think it looked pretty great overall. I had not dressed up for anything really in like, forever.....
So, it was a really fun, and I enjoyed being someone else for the night. Someone who is obviously more bad ass and completely cooler than me. lol

                                                                                                                            The Inspiration

                                                                                                    The Final Look

For a make-shift Lara Croft, what do you all think? :-)

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!

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