Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Forecast: Summer Colors of 2012

    Hello Fashion Followers,
I wanted to write down some predictions I have - What I expect we will predominately be seeing this summer on the beach!

I think there is going to be color blocking specifically with the colors: Orange and Purple, jewel tones, with accents of gold. That color block combo started making its way in fashion in October and it will probably pick up again this summer.


Another classic color block that never fails is Black and White. A classy and sophisticated combination no matter what. Buying anything black and white will be more timeless than other colors that go in and out, so it is really worth the purchase.  Blue jewel tones will probably be added as well to accentuate the black and white.
These Jewel Tones
Courtesy of: Victoria's Secret

Aztec prints are not really my prediction. Meaning, I can’t claim this prediction to be own, Since Aztec is already out right now. It is ‘the IT’ print that has been really popular this year. I just wanted to comment that we will probably be seeing this trend stretch out well into the summer collections; on bathing suits, jewelry, tank tops etc…

More pictures coming soon...keep posted for the updated version! 

Summer 2012 At-a-Glance
  • Orange, Purple and Gold.
  • Black, White, Blue, and Silver 
  • Lighter Pink and Crème
  • Hot Pink and Turquoise
  • Anything Aztec!

     And there you have it - my predictions. I am not claiming this to be fact, I could be wrong but let’s see what the summer shall bring. In a few months I’ll make a follow-up post to see if any of these trends fell through.

I should have made a spring trend update first, but that isn't a forecast post because the spring trends are already out. I will make sure to post spring colors too! I'll give you hint: "Don't let the color of jealousy get to you..."
Until Next time, Happy Shopping xx

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