Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Funk.

Hello Fashion Followers, 

I am sorry that I have not updated in quite some time, but I have to admit that I am in a serious Fashion FUNK! 
There is no inspiration around me and I am starting to get worried. 
My usual window shopping online has come to a halt, maybe because I know I don't have dollars to spend on clothes right now. Online shopping for things I know I won't be able to get will just make me feel worse. 

"Where has all the money gone?"    
Living in the mist of a huuuge economic crisis/meltdown in Greece right now, where stores are closing left and right it only feels wrong of me to continue shopping in this environment. It's the whole attitude of the country right now that has left me a little depressed and hopeless. I can't even find any new FUSIC to put tonight...Usually I put club tracks up to get me ready for a fun Friday. But because those too have been cut short, well you get the idea. The inspiration and excitement is not there. 

I can NOT wait until the summer. I'm starting to go stir crazy. Just waiting for the day to whip out my favorite summer trends to post. In the meantime, I promise I will keep looking for interesting new updates. I would hate to just update for the sake of updating and not have it be worthwhile. We shall see what I can conjure up. 
Maybe I should look into a celeb style 4 less. Those are great go-to posts when I can't actually shop myself. 

Again, I'm very sorry I find myself in this funk. If there are any ideas you want to throw out there I would love to hear them. I guess I will update with a F.usic post too. Even though I might not be going out this Friday night, there are plenty of people out there who are! We can't let them down now, can we? 

Until next time, you know the drill
~Happy Shopping (If you can afford it, without running up your credit card!) lol

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