Friday, November 18, 2011

Versace for H&M

Hello Fashion Followers,                              
This update is going to be a review of the brand merge that happened last week between Versace and H&M! For a limited time only - Versace is putting out amazing pieces for prices anyone can afford. However, the prices are very high end for a store like H&M. But, if you love fashion and always wanted something with a high-end brand name, you could get one of Versace's unique pieces from the H&M November collection, without having to be behind in credit card payments for nine months! 

I think designers should do collaborations like this more often. Since they have the ability to sell their things cheaper, and they definitely know their pieces are going to sell. I think even after this Fashion Show that took place about a week and a half ago, things are already selling out fast. I would love to invest on an item, since it is a once and lifetime chance. 

Here are some pictures I found of the event that I liked the best!

The red suit for guy's is probably my FAVORITE! If I saw a guy wearing that, I salute him, because he knows what's up! It reminds me of something Scott D. would wear. (Kourtney Kardashian's man)
He might be a weirdo, but you can't deny that man has got style like I've never seen before! 

I guess when you look at the runway show it's hard to picture what the clothes would look like on a normal body type, but I browsed the website to see the individual pieces that I loved and here's:

***Click on any dress to make the image bigger***

Honestly, I would take all of these dresses. Each one could be worn at different occasions. 
1. Black - club
2. Pink - daytime 
3. Purple - wedding, event, dinner
4. Red - wedding, party, gala, award show 

The list is endless! I think I love the purple though. It's different and very classy. 
And that color is beautiful. Put on some gold crystal platform heels (Like the pair posted in my 'oh my god shoes' post) and you are ready to rule the world with your fabulous outfit! I also have to mention there was the Versace leather coat with the Greek key design going around the bottom hem in gold jewels. That piece is just...I don't have words but I knew that is something I really couldn't afford. I think it was around $300.00? Yeah, so when I get a job we will talk. :-D

Hope you liked the review today. What do you think about Versace's limited time pieces at H&M??? 


  1. Wow the purple is also my favorite!

  2. Inspiring stuff Annerz!! Keep them coming. I was actually shopping today and thinking about why it sometimes feel therapeutic to buy new chlothes. You should totally make a post about those reasons why. I would love to hear it from a fashionistas perspective! Wooooooooooooooooo:D

  3. that is a goooood idea. because its like a drug, and i sometimes keep buying to make me feel better. its crazy