Monday, November 28, 2011

Houndstooth: Gaga Approved


It's quite late, but the usual ol' me loves to wait to the last minute to do things. I think my work comes out best that way. The pressure of time really makes you race the clock and see how far you can push yourself. It's a terrible habit, but I don't see that trait changing anytime soon. Maybe that will be a new year's resolution. ANYway, to the important stuff:  it's an OUTFIT OF THE DAY POST!
Annnnd if i'm feeling really blog happy I might push myself to finish a 'Celeb style for less' post. If not, then you know what to look forward to next update! I already got the celeb outfit picked out and ready to find bargains to match it.  

On Friday, I went out to a lovely dinner to my favorite Italian restaurant here in Athens, and I finally wore my new houndstooth trousers with my favorite platform stilettos, yum! 

It just so happens that while looking through the latest fashion news today I came across a paparazzi photo of Gaga FULLY decked out in houndstooth print. I got these trousers months ago and I just saw this picture today. Sometimes my fashion intuition really gets the best of me. 
Once I saw that I thought, "If Gaga's wearing it, I must be doing something right!" 


Click for larger/detailed image

                            Close-up detail of pattern:

                  Lady Gaga: 


Not my best pictures this time around, but they will have to do. I got to remember it's about the outfits here, not the looks. I have some more pictures of Friday night with my jacket and hat on....but that deserves a separate post altogether because my hat is something very unique and special to me. I am very excited to have found it! I'll talk all about it in the follow-up post! 

Until next time, ~Happy Shopping

1. Earrings - vintage
2. Blue off-the-shoulder shirt - Alloy
3. Black skinny belt - H&M
4. Houndstooth trouser pant - H&M
5. Platform stiletto heels - Charlotte Russe 
6. Grey military trench coat - H&M 


  1. totally luv the pants.. classic pattern..