Sunday, November 13, 2011

-Coming soon to Anna's Closet-

Hello Fashion Lovers, 
This post is going to be short and sweet. You know school comes mighty early! 

I bought new shoes today. They haven't arrived yet but they are en-route!
Steve Madden is the man, and did I mention these bad larrys had a fabulous sale price of 50% off?

How could I refuse? I couldn't, so...I got them. lol
These are not just any shoes, these are....BLUE SUEDE SHOES. 

Does that mean when I walk into a room I will have Elvis playing from my cell as my theme song for my entrance? I think soOoOoooO! 

Track NEEDS to played along with this pic. to show the full potential.

THE MUSIC STARTS AT :12 sec. - Enjoy :-) 

Yeah, that just happened. lol
Until next time, ~HAPPY SHOPPING


  1. Gorgeous! I love them. ;)

    xx Jessica

  2. marci, you never say crazy cool. And I know how you said that, thanks! ahaha