Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outfit of the day - Innocent Grunge

Hey my fashion followers,
 I know I haven't had a post in a while. As usual, schoolwork is catching up to me and I am finding less and less free time to devote to my favorite hobby!

I will say that I have been out and shopping, so I do have some goodie posts on the way! The question is 'when' i am going to be able to update though!

Playing around with my wardrobe, I titled my outfit for the day 'INNOCENT GRUNGE.' The combat boots with sheer black tights always adds that touch of toughness into any look. To set off the harshness from the combat boots I put it with a girly form-fitting flower dress and my favorite 'bow' headband. I threw my black blazer on because it was a little chilly - but it ended up completing my casual/grunge/girly look!

Overall, I am very pleased with the way this turned out! :-)

     A CLOSER LOOK: Headband

1. Dress - Blanco 
2. Tights - Sheer (rite aid)
3. Boots - Greek shoe store 
4. Blazer - H&M
5. Headband - Charlotte Russe 


  1. Hello!
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  2. I love it Anna!! This is something I would wear

  3. Gorgeous Anna Baby! Can you please tell me what your excersize program is? How does someone get that sorta body!! Jeeebus woman:D

  4. AAAAAAANNND Micheal Jackson!!!!! LOLOL

  5. are you talking about my body miss belly dancah! I actually dont have any exercise program lol. I just dont eat a lot of junk because i know i dont like exercising i have to have that balance.

    And it's obviously Rouli's room because he is in love with Michael. Its the calender my sister bought him for xmas ahahahahha


  6. @Giovana,

    How will i be able to that?! Do you have anymore information? Wouldn't I have to be in Brazil for that?! :-D

  7. cute dress!
    Neat post

    I was wonderin if you would like to follow each other =)

  8. Hey Anna, My sister, my fashion mentor, my greek girl, I love you and miss you..... Checked out the blog today and what did I see, My baby sister looking sooooooo hot.... you look cute and I love you and miss you soooooo...... for christmas Ill take a pair of combat boots and a cute headband and ill try and figure out hot it works best for me.... got any advise on plus size clothing for kids or adults... we all cant be cute and tiny like you.....