Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Header! &New Cool Stuff

I am very excited that I finally figured out to make a nice header for my blog!
Well, it took me long enough! 
The clothes in the background are an actual snap shop of my closet right now! :-D
I've been playing around more and more with my camera to see if I can get better quality shots. Soo, why not show off the stuff I took pictures of!? What do you think?

My summer Chanel scent!

New 'Lipstick' Necklace - Berska

Adorned with Wisdom Owl Necklace - a favorite!

Sorry for the quick update, I got school work BLAH! I am lucky to have even updated in the first place! What can I do, I'm completely obsessed. I just want to keep working to make this blog better and better. It is so addicting. Hence.....the 'Fix' it gives me! ahaha

Love you all 
Until next time, 
          ~HAPPY SHOPPING~xoxo


  1. love the owl necklace its so pretty :)

  2. I love Chanel parfume
    x fashionnerdic

  3. Such a cute blog header!! You have a great blog + you are so gorgeous!! Had to follow :)


  4. lovely necklaces.xx

  5. @Pauline

    Thank you soo much you are very sweet! It means so much to me for being a follower! I just started a couple of months ago...and not many people know about me. And i dont think i have made it nice enough to get a large the fact that you like it really means a lot to me!

    It can't compare to your blog though! I hope to some day get the following you have as well! You are fantastic!

  6. Very cute blog header and blog too! I love it!

  7. i love the necklace ive ben looking for them everywhere

    love ,your niece angela