Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion's Night Out - Athens review.

Not taken by me. 

As some of you fashion followers may know, VOGUE hosts this 'Fashion's Night Out" event to globally celebrate in all the major cities. On September 8th, it was hosted in NYC, LA, and Miami! Luckily for me Athens was also having this VOGUE event September 15th....In other words, yesterday. 

After seeing all the pictures from other cities, I thought this was going to be one of the coolest night's in Athens. To make a long story short, I was TOTALLY WRONG
1ST: Why would they call the event "Fashion's Night Out," when it ended at 9 at night? 
2ND: There wasn't even any signs around promoting the event, as it was going on.
3RD: The center of Athens was cleaned and cleared of people even before 9, like nothing had even happened there. Like a ghost town??? Weird. 

So, basically I went just to get a T-Shirt, which I didn't even find. And I don't even have pictures, because it really was an embarrassment to VOGUE, Greece. Next year they need better special event planners, and better promotion. This was really upsetting to me. 

But then again, it won't really matter what they do next year...because i'll be back home in lovely New York, and I would much rather attend FNO in NY then in Athens. Anything compared to NY events is kind of considered a joke. 

I wish I had something more exciting to tell you all
I was sooo looking foward to uploading everything about this cool
fashion event, but it was all-around so disappointing...

This weekend I'll be attending a wedding so I have a great excuse to dress up and take pictures! Hopefully I'll be uploading those very soon! And I plan on taking a little fall shopping trip over the weekend, so I will have some fun posts coming up! 

Until Next Time, ~HAPPY SHOPPING~

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