Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goodbye N-Y :-(

Wanted to update with a 'GOODBYE NY' post. I've been hectically packing gigantic suitcases the past 3 days and shopping and returning the last few articles of clothing that made the cut for the summer 2011 outfit list. My maxi dress picture is still on the way - but it will be from my Athens headquarters.

Hopefully, there won't be too much of a delay for the next post, since August 5th i'll be going to the Greek island my family is from, where I will not have internet access or modern technology around me. It will be a month of relaxing taking in the simple life, and enjoying the earth's surroundings. (While looking absolutely stylish of course.) Even if you are going to the middle of nowhere, staying fab and fresh is a way of life!

Before I sign off, I wish everyone a happy month of August, and soak up every second we have left of summer 2011, because before we know it, it's gone....


What do you get when you mix:
Greek Frappe +
     The beautiful Aegean +
             My new Victoria's Secret bathing suit?
                         = A GOOD FREAKING TIME

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