Friday, May 6, 2011

The Wish List

I am sorry to say I have not updated in a few days, (like I would have wanted to) do to the fact I have extreme amounts of studying these weeks until the end of the semester! WAHH :-(
But luckily this morning I found just enough spare time to get a post in.

It's another Wish List. (Things I wish I had to make the perfect ensemble.)
Since I took pieces of clothes from various places you are going to have to bear with me, and imagine the outfit in it's entirity in your head like I have done.
Obviously, the whole thing put together looks a lot better than just random pieces of fashion in a picture.

Click for larger image

The Day Look: 3-4-6-7
The purple dress with the bathing suit and flat crochet shoes, with the denim button up to keep it even more casual.
The Evening Look: 1-2-3-5-6
The purple dress again with the elephant (creme&gold) necklace with the colorful pastel snap-shut clutch.
Along with the light brown platform heels. The denim button-up shirt may or may not be worn here as well.

Either way you choose to wear it, it's a comfortable and simply sexy outfit for summer days and nights! :-)

Courtesy of: Delia*s, Forever21, AMI, & River Island U.K

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