Friday, April 13, 2012

WTH of the Week: Spring Edition

Hello Fashion Followers,

Here is a new post I dubbed "W.T.H of the Week." Meaning: WHA THE HELL???
It mostly will feature shoes, and sometimes an article of clothing or accessory that may be so horrific it makes you wonder why people are spending so much money to buy it. I appreciate innovation, and I am open minded to weird styles, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I think designers go too far. And then to sell them to average people for 200 - 300 dollars is hilarious to me. Some things should be left on the run way or in that Gucci photo shoot. 

                                Hey, Rainbow Brite called, she wants her shoes back!!!!!

To be honest, this is not even close to some of the other things I have in my blog folder that I have been meaning to post. But I thought easing into it, so our eyes can get used to some of the autrocious things that are being sold on line as we speak! If they were selling these for maybe 20 bucks, I would consider it for a laugh...But not for 168 dollars! 
I don't know about most people, but my wallet really has been hit with an economic crisis. That's cool for those girls who have an endless supply of money to waste on things like this for the sake of fashion. But being fashionable may also have to do with working wisely with what you have. Just saying. 

On another note: I have sooooo much good stuff in my blog folder that I just have been meaning to upload but I can't think of any clever ways to present them. I am planning on making a back to back post today after this one, but if I can't get to it, 
then I want to wish everyone a HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL EASTER!!!!


  1. Lol so funny that you posted this. I just saw a pair of shoes just like these online a few days ago, and then another pair of platforms with the american flag on it. I was thinking the same thing you were. Seriously? Who would wear that? No. Lol.

    xx Jessica.

  2. LOL! First of all, i am so happy to know people read my blog and can relate! I love fashion and all, but sometimes it's like "um...where could normal people wear that and get away with it?" ahahah
    I could only see these shoes being workable in a fun photoshoot or music video or something. But other than that, it's comical that are selling them, for so much money too!

    Thanks for your feedback Jessica! I really appreciate it!